Mould & Asbestos

Con-Tech DKI Mould Remediation & Asbestos Abatement Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Mould & Asbestos Damage
Mould Remediation Services

At Con-Tech DKI, we have a team of trained and certified mould remediation and removal experts. We follow industry guidelines and third party protocols to efficiently remove mould that is found in your home, business, and your personal belongings. We have the training and experience to recognize potential mould on surfaces and follow proper removal guidelines to ensure it is safe for you to be back in your home or business.

Mould generally thrives in areas that have been affected by excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. For this reason, it is essential as a property owner to act immediately following a water loss.

It is important to follow proper remediation techniques for mould contamination. Improper demolition can cause mould spores to spread into unaffected areas creating the potential for health risks.

Con-Tech DKI’s certified team of mould remediation and removal experts will perform the following actions to reduce mould contamination on your property:

  • Assess possible sources of water loss or excessive moisture
  • Evaluate all potential mould contaminated structures or belongings
  • Take measures to minimize the contaminated or damaged areas or contents
  • Carefully and effectively remove and dispose of mould contaminated materials
  • Restore personal or business contents on site, or carefully collect them to be restored in our contents restoration facility
  • Properly dry affected areas to prevent mould growth recurrence

If you suspect mould contamination in your home or business, choose the certified and trained professionals at Con-Tech DKI to safely and properly assess the situation and to effectively remove mould contaminated materials.
Asbestos Cleanup & Disposal Services

Asbestos is a building material that was often used in property construction before it was banned in the 1980’s.

Our staff is trained to identify possible asbestos containing materials and will advise the property owner if testing is required before moving forward with demolition. If it is determined that asbestos is present, it is essential that only trained and qualified asbestos abatement professionals carry out the safe removal and disposal of any contaminated materials.

At Con-Tech DKI, we have a team of skilled and certified asbestos technicians that have the training and expertise to safely and effectively remove asbestos from properties and to correctly dispose of the materials.