Fire & Smoke Damage

Con-Tech DKI Fire and Smoke Restoration Specialists

Fire & Smoke Damage Services

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help residential and commercial property owners quickly and effectively recover from damage resulting from fire or smoke.

The damage caused by a fire extends well beyond the loss of property and personal contents and can leave everyone involved feeling emotionally drained. Fire and smoke damage often causes a great deal of disruption to everyday routines and activities for residents and can prevent a source of income and normal operations for a business.

When a fire has occurred, working with a Con-Tech DKI professional will aid you in getting the situation under control by properly assessing the type and extent of damage to facilitate the recovery and restoration processes.

Con-Tech DKI fire restoration specialists are trained to identify, clean, and remove smoke and particulate matter that has spread throughout a property. In addition, we have the skills and equipment to repair damage that likely occurred when firefighters extinguished the fire. The steps we follow are all necessary to prevent additional and/or long-lasting damage to structures.

Professional odour removal is also a necessity after a fire, as odours can adhere to the structural components of a building and remain for years afterwards. With advanced technology and various encapsulates, Con-Tech DKI can ensure odours are eliminated and not simply masked.

At Con-Tech DKI, our restoration team has the experience, proper cleaning products, and state-of-the-art technology to mitigate and eliminate the resulting fire damage, including smoke, odour, chemical, and water damage. Whenever possible the chemicals and odour eliminating technologies we use during cleaning and restoration are environmentally friendly and leave no residual product behind.

We will assist you in any way we can to rectify the situation and to return your home or business back to the condition it was in before the fire occurred. We will work with you, your insurance company, and any other involved parties causing as little disruption as possible to your life, while ensuring that your property is restored professionally and cost-effectively. Call Con-Tech DKI today!